A workplace to
complete your lifestyle.

Lifestyles are changing, and so is the way people work.People are not tied down to one specific place and time to work; people are monetizing their personal hobbies and interests to start businesses, and have the choice to spend more time with their loved ones. Tote work & studio visions to encourage that kind of diversity and flexibility in workstyles.
Here in Tote work & studio with the pleasant, relaxing green environment, not only will you find your own way of working, but you will also encounter other workers who possess different workstyles.

Tote work&studio Opening November 2019


We offer several membership plans to encourage diversity in workstyles.


Tote Komazawa Park is a building complex composed of retail stores, a nursery, a share office and SOHO space where both local residents and visitors from outside town can find their own unique lifestyles and cultivate them, overlooking the luxurious green environment,


Location:1-1 Komazawa Park, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo
Located on the third floor of Tote Komazawa Park, right next to Komazawa Olympic Park west gate.
9 minute walk from Komazawa-Daigaku Station on Tokyu Denentoshi Line.
19 minutes on bus from Jiyugaoka Station, 5 minute walk from Komadai Fukazawa Campus Bus Stop.
10 minute bus ride from Todoroki Station, 2 minute walk from Komazawa Park West Exit Bus Stop.
14 minute bicycle ride from Toritsu-daigaku Station.
10 minute bus ride from Umegaoka Station, 1 minute walk from Komazawa Bus Stop.